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At NJ Recovery Institute, we believe that long-lasting recovery also requires TLC from the community. Our drug addiction programs and treatment center in Succasunna, NJ offer the care and support you need. You do not have to walk your recovery journey alone — we are a community here to guide you to a purposeful tomorrow.   

New Jersey Recovery Institute

Licensed, Accredited, Professional, and Dependable NJ Drug Addiction Treatment Center

NJ Recovery Institute offers all-inclusive assistance for anyone seeking to recover from drug addiction or alcohol abuse. We offer services specific to your individual needs as well as comprehensive guidance. We also offer aftercare services to ensure our clients get the care they need to have lasting recovery.

We uphold the principles of respect, compassion, and integrity as the foundation of our community. It is our goal to help any individuals and their loved ones in Succasunna, NJ overcome their situations by providing the right treatments for alcohol and drug addiction. We know the challenges of creating a supportive community, but we believe every person can have a brighter and healthier future. 

With a range of recovery programs and options, we strive to cater to the specific needs of the client. Our alcohol and drug addiction recovery programs serve as your first step toward a successful recovery. NJ Recovery Institute is a true partner to anyone struggling with addiction.


Recover Your Life with a Succasunna, NJ Recovery Drug Treatment Program

Whether you are looking for an alcohol recovery program or drug rehabilitation, NJ Recovery Institute offers inclusive alcohol and drug addiction treatment services to provide the assistance you need. Our quality programs for addiction recovery are tailored to your unique needs.

Partial Care Program

Individuals looking for intensive and structured treatment join the partial care program. Our partial care program aims to deliver personalized and effective care for your unique needs.

Family Program

The loved ones of an individual with drug addiction play a critical role in the treatment and recovery process. This program offers resources for family members to better understand the challenges of alcohol or drug recovery.


Creating a strong sense of community within our programs, and in the surrounding area, is the most important part of what we do. Our programs strive to create a positive community.

Intensive Outpatient

This program is designed to be flexible for individuals who may not need residential addiction treatment but still required comprehensive, structured treatment. This approach may be recommended to those who feel that they must have a strong support system outside the addiction treatment center. Anyone who has completed the 12-step recovery program can join this program.


This offers drug addiction treatment without the commitment of a recovery center. Clients may attend support groups and counseling sessions while living at home and doing their day-to-day routine.


Helping individuals stay on track with their recovery journey is the goal of our aftercare program. This program is for individuals who have completed their treatment and serves as addiction recovery care to prevent relapse.

Sober Living

The sober living program offers support for individuals who have completed their rehab and offers structured schedules and medical care to aid in your recovery process.

12-Step Treatment Program

This program involves group therapy and focuses on peer support and accountability, aiming to guide you in your journey to sobriety.

Relapse Prevention Program

Reducing the risks of relapse during and after treatment is crucial for you to achieve long-lasting recovery. This program aims to equip individuals with the means to avoid relapse triggers.

To learn more about our programs, please visit our Program page or consult with our counselors to discuss the specific addiction recovery steps you wish to take.

Long-Term Recovery Starts with the Right NJ Recovery Program

Here at NJ Recovery Institute, we understand that any type of addiction can affect a person, and each individual has unique needs for their recovery journey. That is why our NJ recovery programs are tailored to fulfill the needs of the individual. Our programs ensure you find a safe and supportive community to belong to.

Our drug recovery programs offer structured treatment that will help you prevail over your addiction. We believe that recovery starts from within, and so our treatments focus on working on the core issues that cause your drug or alcohol abuse.


Facing your vulnerabilities can be difficult, even painful. That’s why our recovery programs are here to prevent you or your loved one from facing the underlying issues that are fueling the addiction alone. Without substance or drug abuse treatments, winning against relapse triggers is more difficult.


It is important to deal with drug or alcohol abuse with a team of caring therapists and counselors, as trying to handle the underlying issues on your own can make you more vulnerable to your triggers and committing the same mistakes again. 


Speak with an NJ Recovery Institute professional today. Our program’s goal is to help you or someone you know have a better, sustainable life out of the grips of alcohol or drug addiction.

New Jersey Recovery Institute

Role of the Succasunna, NJ Recovery Centers and Support Groups

Recovery support groups are essential for having a sustainable recovery. At NJ Recovery Institute, community support plays a vital role in helping our patients achieve long-term recovery. Our support groups will help you navigate the triggers and challenges of recovering from an addiction, holding group sessions and family programs to encourage individuals to heal and grow together with the community.   

We believe that a community of caring counselors, friends, and family is essential for recovering addicts. A healthy and vibrant community creates a positive environment. At NJ Recovery Institute, we commit to creating a community that will allow you to heal and grow, but most importantly, achieve long-term recovery. 

Long-Term Recovery Starts with the Right NJ Recovery Program

What does NJ Recovery Institute treat?

NJ Recovery Institute offers evidence-based programs for inpatient clients. We treat addiction for drugs like heroin, and we will help determine the right program for the healing and growing you need.

How long do the alcohol or drug addiction recovery programs last?

The duration of alcohol and drug rehab programs varies depending on the treatment. We will also consider the severity of the addiction. Short-term drug or alcohol rehab programs may take 30-60 days, while long-term programs can take 90 days or more. Talk with an NJ Recovery Institute counselor to know exactly what program you need and how long it may take.

Who can participate in the programs?

Anyone who is struggling with alcohol abuse or drug addiction can join the programs being offered at NJ Recovery Institute. If you or someone you know is dealing with addiction, talk with one of our healthcare professionals to see the options you have.

Can individuals continue their work or studies while in treatment?

It depends on the circumstances or demands of the treatment and the assessment of our healthcare professionals. Some outpatient treatments may not need significant time. We will endeavor to develop, where possible, a support and recovery plan that will allow you to continue to work or study.

Can individuals leave before completing their recovery program?

Yes, however, we strongly encourage our clients to complete their alcohol or drug recovery program. Ending the treatment before the program has been completed can impede your recovery progress, risk further relapses, and means that you miss out on the support system you need for long-term recovery.

What are the aftercare services offered at NJ Recovery Institute?

Addiction is a chronic disease that requires continuous support and guidance from professionals. Our aftercare program offers relapse prevention through community support, professional care, and providing access to resources. 

What can the loved ones or close friends do during drug or alcohol treatment and recovery?

Recovery is complex and challenging, and family and friends offer vital support for an individual going through treatment. A strong support system at home or outside the addiction recovery center can create a positive impact on recovery.

How to get in touch with NJ Recovery Institute to join a drug recovery program?

Set up an initial meeting with an NJ Recovery Institute counselor to discuss your situation and recovery goals. We will determine the support and guidance you need to have a sustainable recovery.

New Jersey Recovery Institute
New Jersey Recovery Institute

If you or a loved one needs care for drug addiction or alcohol abuse recovery, NJ Recovery Institute is ready to assist you. Be a part of building a stronger community through recovery.

New Jersey Recovery Institute

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